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    Online capabilities in Sonic Adventure 2.

    Hello, I am wanting to know if the online capabilities still work for Sonic Adventure 2? I'm wanting to go to the black market to buy items for my Chaos, but that requires online connection.
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    Wii U Is A Powerhouse With HD Capabilities, Says Retro Studios

    It looks like the tide may be turning, with news about the Wii U's potential memory bandwidth being higher than the Xbox One and some rocking games due out this year, Nintendo's latest console is finally starting to break away from the doom and gloom shell, and step out into the light of...
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    Iwata: Xbox SmartGlass offers 'a small facet' of Wii U capabilities

    Nintendo president claims Microsoft's alternative may suffer from lag problems. Microsoft's SmartGlass technology will only provide a limited dual-screen service in comparison to the Wii U, Nintendo company president Satoru Iwata has claimed. Click here to read the full article More...
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