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    Integrate storage warehouses for all camps About this mod It can make the warehouses of any of your strongholds integrated and universal. When you make items, the items in the warehouses of all your strongholds will be displayed, so you no longer have to go to the warehouses of other...
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    Infinite Weight In Camp 📄 Description? Sick of moving ores between bases on multiple rounds? Realized your pal made a bit too much wood while you were gone and now you can't transfer it all? Or simply want to have more freedom in your own camp? This mod simply adds a ton of...
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    Bart Simpson's Escape From Camp Deadly

    Kill treehouse bosses To kill treehouse bosses, throw a boomerang away from them then jump over their heads. The boss turns to look at you and the boomerang hits the back of his head. Make Cows Happy When you are in the stable, corral the cattle toward the front door - then push them...
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