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    California Games

    Clear BMX path Position your bike approximately one pixel above the location where the grass meets the dirt to avoid all obstacles including the hay bales.
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    California Speed

    810AD586 0001 Always Have Fog Adjust Option 81168F8C FFFF Have All Tracks 80151C01 0000 Always Place 1st D013435F 0020 Press L To Refill The Timer 810EC8F8 4020 D013435F 0010 Press R For Nitrous Boost 8112BD0C 43CB
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    California Games

    Faster hackey-sack reflexes Enter TAKAKO as a name and begin game play. Break a record, then play the bonus game. If your character wins, he will be able to play the footbag game faster.
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    California Games Instruction Manual (for NES)

    California Games California Games Instruction manual ------------------------------------------ Introduction Welcome to California, home of the most awesome sports going! You're invited to tour the Golden State as you tackle six challenging events. First stop is Hollywood, for radical...
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    California Games cheat codes (for NES)

    More points and a longer run In the roller skating event, it's smart to slow down and avoid obstacles. Patience will produce more points and a longer run than reckless skating.
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