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    Caesars Palace

    Alternate endingsTo view the ending, just cash out at the desk. All the endings are the same, showing you leaving Las Vegas in a vehicle. However, the vehicle you leave in depends upon how much money you won. $0: Bus. $1-$9,999: Taxi. $10,000-$19,999: Green car. $20,000-$69,999: Orange...
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    Asterix, Caesar's Fall

    Cheat menu: Klik op Idefix die naast het optiescherm staat om toegang te krijgen tot extra opties.
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    Caesar's Palace Advanced: Millennium Edition Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Easy money Go to the "Table Games" menu, then to "Roulette". Change the value of your bet to a negative number by adding the value of your bet to over $32,000. Then, place your bet on the table as many times as desired to get as much money as you can. If you win you do not lose money, you...
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    Caesar's Palace Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    $4,200,000 To start the game with $4,200,000 type the password "9DP6BBXG4CZ5G55CG". Unfortunately, your name will be listed as "Jordan", and you can't change it. For over $9,000,000, enter the password 93X6BXH7Y55G4HON
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    Caesars palace

    CAESARS PALACE Manual TABLE OF CONTENTS Starting Up 2 Controls 3 Entering Caesars Palace: The Signpost 5 Signing in at the Cashier 6 Management 9 Tutorials 10...
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