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    New Tomee Dreamcast VGA Cables

    I recently found out about this new Dreamcast VGA cable by Tomee/Hyperkin. They're only $26 on Amazon so it seems like a good deal. Only one review so far but it's 5 stars. You can buy one at the link below if you're interested. Tomee HD VGA Cable for Dreamcast: Video Games
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    replacement cables

    im 13 and i have a dreamcast but my av cable broke any one know where i can get a new one cheap
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    Question regarding dreamcast VGA cables

    Hello, I have been using a VGA adapter for my Dreamcast for some time but after recently comparing it to some other Dreamcast videos that were being run on VGA I'm convinced that I have unfortunately acquired a rather cheaply made VGA adapter. I'm wanting to get the best possible...
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    Using Extension Cables

    I've been wondering this. Does using extension cables add any strain to the controller board in terms of power? As most of us know the controller board is really easy to blow the fuse If I used two extension cables for 3 inputs am I guaranteeing a blown fuse? It's not too hard to fix it. But...
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    HD cables

    I've heard that HD cables for the PS3 are necessary for viewing Blu-Ray in it's true form. I've also heard they are expensive. does anyone know the cheapest place to get them? or if it's even necessary at all.
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