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    pin-out on the serial port / neogeo cable thing?

    So I was successful at making a really cool sd card adapter out of a vmu shell, but now I'm making one that plugs into the serial port via my neo geo pocket cable thingy. Upon cracking the shell on this thing, it has like 12 wires (starting from one side, #1 is red, ending in a brown #12). The...
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    VGA Cable Not Working

    Can anyone help? I sold a new and unused VGA Cable to someone in Portugal and it does not appear to be working. The buyer says that he is getting a purple image but was not more specific. It was ten years old after all but had not ever been used. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or...
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    DIY Dreamcast VGA Cable

    Well, I recently got an S-Video cable, and I just pulled it out of the box a few minutes ago and to my surprise, it had ALL of the pins at the connector! The normal RCA cable only comes with the three pins, this one comes with all of them. Before I try this and open it up, I'd like to know if...
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    Just got VISIO HDTV, not seeing Dreamcast via coaxial cable

    Anybody else have this common LCD HDTV? I have tried everything and I can't figure out how to get it in regular TV mode. I see a selection for DTV/Cable, and select that and turn the Dreamcast on, but I get no video signal to the set. I am SURE at least somebody else here has one of these tv's...
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    dreamcast link cable, help me figure this out!

    My search will never end for an official cable, but atleast I can get to work on a home made one for a cabinet...maybe. A poster named Quad posted this link and text in another forum a year ago; Dreamcast Programming - PC Serial Adaptor I'm having a hard time seeing what parts of the...
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    UK Dreamcast S-Video cable to Australian Dreamcast?

    Will a British Dreamcast S-Video cable work on an Australian PAL Dreamcast console?
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    I need a coders cable and other things

    I am currently been making a dreamcast game and I switched everything over to kos/sdl/c++/etc. I now need a coders cable so that I may test my game without having to burn a cd a million times. Does anyone happen to have a coder to usb cable? I cant buy a lan or bba because i just invested all...
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    Official Dreamcast link cable auction

    Dreamcast Official Link Cable vs. versus | eBay
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    Howcome no one has made a internet cable for dreamcast?

    By that I mean, look at the SD adapter, someone had to have made that for the DC to register it as an SD card. Howcome no one has made a cable to fit there and output to ethernet (or USB, with a driver and a a program to use it, anything is possible) to work with some online games? Im sure its...
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    PS1 S-Video cable for better video quality 240p

    I'm looking a sweet cable for my PS1 because I'm rocking the Sony PVM, Its the shit when playing classic games Dreamcast's 480p Hi-Rez out put is the best of its generation that's why it can look so sweet on our shity LCD's and Plasma fucking crap. :roll: The Sega Saturn and the PS1 - PS2 don't...
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    PS360 to Dreamcast Cable...wut?

    Anyone have any idea what the purpose or function of this is, I am stumped:
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    Replace broken cable.

    Ok guys, I got myself a Dreamcast (was really expensive) and I don't know what to do. I hooked it up to the TV and it worked just fine. But when I moved the Dreamcast, the Scart cable suddenly shows no color anymore! (not my photo, but exactly same effect) Now, I figured it would be the Scart...
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    Dreamcast s video av cable makes humming noise? Help?

    Okay so I bought an Svideo cable with Av outputs for me Dreamcast and well when I hook up the red and white cable in I get this buzzing/humming noise. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Official Dreamcast VS Link Cable Pics!!!

    All of the photo's can be found here Hope you all enjoy as I have been after pics of this for a long time and thought it would be nice to share. Maybe one day I will open my Dragoncast cable but that one is still sealed and I forgot to snap pics of my open one before selling it via...
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    Dreamcast Laser Ribbon Cable

    Ok, does anyone know where to get the ribbon cable for the GD-Rom laser? I found a place that sells the controller ribbon cable, but not the laser ribbon cable.
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    Official link vs cable for sale

    I know these are extremely rare but i just found one on ebay. I do not live in the US so i can't buy it. But for anyone who is located in the US, i think this is your chance. Dreamcast Official Link Cable w games 2x Virtual On 2x f355 Aero Dancing i f | eBay
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    VS Cable - am I dreaming?

    Hey everyone! So I have been trying to keep an eye out for a dreamcast VS cable, authentic or not, and have had no luck. I have three dreamcast systems and am trying to get another twin stick set to put together a cool VOOT multiplayer setup. Does anyone know of any super-secret places that I...
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    Dreamcast VS Cable Questions

    After doing some digging I was finally able to find a Japanese website that has official Sega VS link cables. The price was reasonable considering how outrageous they go for on eBay. A few questions: Is it possible to make a homemade link cable? The only other option I've seen is pairing 2...
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    Dreamcast Online using dial up over CABLE?!? Youtube video

    Saw this on video on youtube and was interested because he was able to connect and I have the same modem as him. I think I know how he connected but I can't tell because he shot it in the dark, can maybe someone explain?
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    PSP tv cable?

    Please, help me guys, I want to buy a cable for my psp slim so i can connect it to a tv. Should i buy composite or component cable? We have a progressive scan tv and i have a normal tv on my room, No HD TV. I heard of FUSA SD, it might be usefull... And also, please tell me if i can play my...
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