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    Cabelas African Adventures [BLUS31275]

    Cabelas African Adventures BLUS31275 v1.00 hacked by FBML HEALTH DOESN'T DECREASE OGP=C01F0154EC00F828D01F01544BFFFD3C COP=C01F0154EC00F828600000004BFFFD3C NETCHEAT 0 007280E8 60000000 007180DC: 4BFFFE94 b 0x717f70 007180E0: C01F0154 lfs f0,340(r31) 007180E4: EC00F828...
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    Cabela's Big Game Hunter Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Finding Animals Stay in the foliage in the crawl position and use your lures accordingly. Use the scent of the animal and then eventually the animal's call. Big Horn Sheep are mostly found in thick foliage or at the top right corner of the level.
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    Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 [RXZE52]

    RXZE52 Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 Infinite LIFE 0434553C D043018C Infinite Bullet 04055C18 90640004 TIME STOP C22A65A0 00000003 2C07000B 4182000C D0030000 48000008 D0230000 00000000
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