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    Buying a replacement dreamcast, will my pso save work?

    Getting a new dreamcast cause the current ones laser starting to die even with calibrating, and I was wondering since the serial for pso v2 is tied to that one, will my save not work with the new system?
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    Buying Options

    Hi I am am looking into buying a sega dreamcast and i was wondering where i should buy it from how should i buy it and what games are must haves.
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    Is there some kind of alternative to buying dreamcast games?

    Hi every one, i know this question has probably been posted a million times, but i would like to know if there is some kind of alternative to buying the original GD roms for the dreamcast? im only asking because of the expensive prices of the more popular games, ex: skies of arcadia, power stone...
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    Buying burned games -nonmorality-

    I want to play certain games. Certain games are either not perfect, or cost a fortune. Are there people/groups that sell tested, working, burned CDs? If this is against the rules, I will withdraw. I basically got tired of only having 1 in 3 burns work. And have no access eminently to the 99min...
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    Question about buying PAL/JP versions of games

    So I've noticed that PAL and JP versions of games like Power Stone 2 are usually way cheaper than their US versions. So I was wondering if it would be worth it to buy these versions of expensive games like Power Stone 2 instead of the US versions to save money, or if I should just save up for...
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    buying a pandora battery - help

    is there anywhere else besides dealextreme to buy a pandora battery for the PSP-1000? I know dealextreme sells them cheap but I don't feel like waiting a month. I'm looking for a place that sells them with fast shipping (without the MMS) does anyone know of a legit site that may sell them with...
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    What should I look for in buying a psp?

    Ok, so I admit I'm a "noob" but in my defense I use to be in the psp scene awhile back when 3.40 customer firmware came out lol. I want to get back into the psp. I do know the NGP is coming out which is why im going to buy it from best buy (buy back program). I guess I'm just curious what I...
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    Advice Req!: Buying a Photofast CR-5400 + 2x8GB SDHC

    Hey fellow pspers! A long long time ago I had a 1002 phat that was well and truly hacked and homebrewed, but I hit a tough spot and had to ebay it for cash :( Time passed and my GF bought me a shiny new brite, yes yes I know about all the things that it isn't, etc ;P Anyhow, seeing as how...
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    buying a pandora battery

    Does any one know a good site that they have used to buy a pandora battery 1000? P.S please add link to the site thanks very much.:)
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    Buying psp related items

    is there a website where i can buy good cheap psp related items?? i was wondering if there is a black rim replacment for the psp slim 2000 series??
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    Hey guys i'm buying a new psp memory stick & i need a little advice

    Hello,i just recently sold my psp 8 gig memory stick to a friend awhile back & all i got left is two psp one gig cards & one 32 MB card, my memory cards are waay too small for my psp games because i'm still currently using UMD dumper, i'm planing to buy a 16 memory stick card off of ebay on the...
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    Buying a new PSP

    Hello, I have a friend who is going to buy a new PSP while he is travelling, what would be the best between PSP-3000 and PSP Go for hacking and is there anything he should look out for (such as not to buy version xxx for PSP 3000 as it's currently not hackable)? Thank you guys
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    Is it a ps3 worth buying?

    should i buy a ps3. I only play fps games. So if a ps3 is worth buying can you's please respond thank you.
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