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    Witch & Hero

    Control Final Boss's Attacks In the final stage, the final boss's aim can be controlled by using the shoulder buttons.
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    - Xbox 360 buttons onto Dreamcast controller -

    Well, a new day - a new Dreamcast mod :D Xbox 360 buttons and analog stick onto a Dreamcast controller! Looks awesome if you ask me - kind of like a 'new age' controller! pics- with the mk1 :roll: Comments welcome (another mod I would do for others for a small fee ;) )
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    PSP Home/volume buttons do not work

    I am convinced that this is a software issue. Hi, recently my PSP's home button and volume buttons have stopped working, the volume is stuck on full blast, and my home button no longer does anything, but the strange thing is, the display (brightness) button works as a home button. My PSP is...
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    Help. PSP 2003 buttons not responding in XMB.

    Hi. I bought a faulty PSP which hangs the moment it got into the XMB menu after booting up. I tried getting into the recovery menu and all the buttons worked fine when i was in the recovery menu. it's using 5.00m33 cfw. I've tried Hellcats recovery flasher but the buttons stopresponding the...
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    can i change psp buttons

    i want to change my psp home button with psp muting button can i change it,is there any program for it.???????
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    PSP buttons layouts does not respond sometimes or sometimes not at all...

    Hello guys, i have a psp 3000 model running 6.20 pro b7 firmware, just recently i was playing prinny 2 & for some weird particular reason my X & circle or maybe the rest of the buttons layouts does not respond as i press either those buttons, but sometimes it turns back to normal then like 10...
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    PSP 1000 [5.51 GEN-A] buttons wont work on main menu but works on recovery mode

    Hi, Recently the buttons of my PSP started not to work But all the buttons work on recovery mode When on the main menu, I switch to the 'hold' button it shows me the VSHMenu and I'm unable to proceed from there But after I leave the PSP off for about 8-12 hours the buttons work on the main menu...
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    action buttons will not function

    is it possible that cfw pro-b6 can affect or disable buttons? my square, x, o, triangle will not function but the rest of the button is ok, i tried opening the faceplate, cleaning it will compress air, wiping it but it still will not function, the rubber in the buttons are ok
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    PSP 1000 [5.51 GEN-A] buttons wont work on main menu but works on recovery mode

    Hi I made a post earlier about the same problem but the solutions given did not work http://forums.dashhacks.com/f127/psp-1000-5-51-gen-a-buttons-wont-t301369/ PLEASE REFER TO THE ABOVE LINK TO KNOW THE DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM!!! After leaving the PSP off for around 12 hours it started...
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    Asterix PSP Buttons

    Where can i find these buttons? Asterix PSP Button Set - Crystal Dazzle Decalgirl is out of stock and said they dont have plans for resotcking atm. Im getting the blue matte asterix faceplate and my orignal black buttons will look weird with it. Decalgirl only has the yellow asterix...
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    Need some help with psp slim buttons

    Er um i just installed the psp faceplate i bought the clear one and it looks really awesome the only thing is my buttons are hella loose the up down left and right buttons are all loose all the screws are in tight but i think i know what the problem is, its slipping off the little rubber thing...
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    Need to replace lower buttons of a PSP 1000

    The only thing wrong with my old PSP-1000 is the buttons right below the screen. So I want to get a replacement part, but I don't know what I'll need exactly. Do I need to replace the entire screen, or can I find a replacement for just those buttons? Because it seems as if those buttons are...
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    buttons not working

    hello, i have broken buttons of my psp, the direction button are gone from about a couple of years and now when i press the X button it doesn't works unless i press it very strong practially i can't use it. what must i do? opening the psp and cleaning the the button from inside could work? thanks
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    my directional buttons gone cazy!! plss help me

    I was cleaning my psp 3000 and accidentally my rubbing alcohol spilled on it.when I turn it on, the directional buttons stated to act like it is pressed when it's not.I left it for a day and the same thing happened.what should I do? will pandora bat and magic memory stick can fix? or cleaning...
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    Psp buttons problem

    PSP 1001 Motherboard TA-081 Currently on CFW 5.00 m33-6(Temporary Fix) NO INSTALLED PLUGINS As the Title states, the buttons on my psp doesn't work except for the volume buttons and brightness button, others said that its a software problem and others say its hardware, I've tried every possible...
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