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    Sticky Business – Release Trailer

    Sticky Business – Release Trailer
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    GameStop planning to get in the Retro Business!!

    As a fellow dreamcast fanatic, this could be HUGE!!! How awesome would that be to be able to walk into gamestop, pick up the new Halo 4 and pick up Sonic Adventure 2.... I'm am so for this....
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    Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business

    All weaponsHave Lara walk one step forward (with [Shift]), one step back (with [Shift]), rotate in three full counter-clockwise circles (with [Shift]), and jump back (with [Alt]).
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    Bowling: 'Don't let business objectives dominate creativity'

    Former Infinity Ward man pushing for creative freedom. Former Infinity Ward man Robert Bowling - who has formed his own studio Roboteki - says creativity is his priority over 'corporate culture'. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories EA: NFS The Run 'didn't come together' but...
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    GAME reviewing overseas business

    Retailer's future appears uncertain as credit discussions continue. GAME is considering the future of its overseas operations in talks with its lenders. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Did Camy go out of business?

    I have been searching for hours now for a Camy faceplate, White with black dragons, but to no avail.. i even tried ordering a Asterix... all out of stock.. has support for decent psp faceplates dropped out? Decalgirl doesnt even list them.. sorry if this isn't anything new. im just coming on to...
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