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    Metroid Prime: Federation Force

    Campaign Paint Jobs Paint Job How to unlock Bird of Prey Random chance every 5-6 medals in normal Campaign. Bomber Random chance after every 5-6 medals in hard Campaign. Burner Random chance every 5-6 medals in normal Campaign. Federation Elite Random chance after every 5-6 medals in...
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    After Burner II

    Secret CommandsOn the listed stages, enter the secret commands to get the following effects. Effect Code 100 Missiles Stage 3: Start and Speed Fast. 100 Missiles Stage 9: Vulcan Cannon + Missile and Stick Right. 250,000,000 Points Stage 21: Start + Vulcan Cannon + Missile + Foto...
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    After Burner 2

    Free Continues If you get Game Over, you can still continue on the level you were last on. At the title screen, press B, 7 times, A, 7 times, Up, 6 times, then Start. Alternatively, instead of pressing Up, 6 times as part of the sequence, press Up, 7 times and you will get a sound...
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    After Burner

    Background Test (US Version)Hold Left + B on Controller 1 and A on Controller 2 at the same time before the title screen appears (at the console power up/reset sequence or after the game over screen). Press Left or Right on Controller 1 to change the menu options. Press Up or Down to select...
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    3D After Burner II

    Special ModeBeat the game in Arcade Mode to unlock Special Mode.
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    After Burner - Black Falcon [EU] (ULES-00753)

    Code: Infinite Money Cheat: 0x20DB2AD0 0x0098967F Code: Infinite Missiles Cheat: 0x00DC4A90 0x00000063 Code: Infinite Lives Cheat: 0x00DC4990 0x00000009 Code: Infinite Rockets Cheat: 0x00DC4B00 0x00000063 Code: Invinite Afterburner Cheat: 0x20DC4780 0x40000000 Code: Unlock...
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    After Burner Complete (32X) (JU) [!]

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Inf Lives Flashblade FF88E1:0064 Top Inf Missiles Flashblade FF8D67:0065 Top Infinite lives Tony Hedstrom AMEA-AA9Y Top Infinite missiles Tony Hedstrom ALBA-AA94 Top Start with 90 missiles (instead of 50) Tony Hedstrom MJCT-CAAA
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    After Burner Climax

    [h=3]Achievements[/HEADING] The following achievements can be unlocked in After Burner Climax on the Xbox 360. To unlock an achievement simply complete the indicated task from the list below. 50 Combo (20 GS points). Got a combo of 50 in Arcade mode. Across enemy lines (10 GS points)...
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    After Burner Cheat Codes (for Arcade)

    Stage codes On the following stages, input these codes for the following effects. Code - Effect Stage 3: press Start and speed fast - get 100 missiles Stage 9: press Vulcan Cannon + Missile and stick Right - get 100 missiles Stage 21: press Start + Vulcan Cannon + Missile + Foto sensor...
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    After Burner 2

    1 AKYT-AAHT Start on stage 2 2 APYT-AAHT Start on stage 3 3 AVYT-AAHT Start on stage 4 4 AZYT-AAHT Start on stage 5 5 A3YT-AAHT Start on stage 6 6 A7YT-AAHT Start on stage 7 7 BBYT-AAHT Start on stage 8 8...
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    After Burner

    Continue Gameplay During the title screen, press the pause button exactly 100 times. This will allow you infinite continues until the 18th stage. To continue, hold the D-button in the up position and hit buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously when "game over" appears on the screen.
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    After Burner Instruction Manual (for NES)

    After Burner After Burner Instruction Booklet Tengen --- Object of the game/game description: When you play After Burner, you're flying high and fast... in the F-14 Thunder Cat - the leanest, meanest fighting machine ever made. And the free world needs you and your set of wings...
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