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    how to burn .cdi images to disc

    how would I burn a .cdi image to a cd-r disc to use in dreamcast?
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    Newbie Can't Burn

    I grabbed 102 Dalmations and Bomberman from the isozon site. I tried to just DiscJuggler to burn each CDI file using the "write and verify" option. Each time, the app said "this may have write errors, fix them [yes] [no] [cancel]" Can anyone say what might be up here or should I ignore this...
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    Can't burn planetweb 3.0 for the life of me

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, and i've been a huge dreamcast fan for the longest time. I recently got a hold of a bba, and it works pretty well. The only problem i have is after trying a few different images, the original and the google mod included, i cannot get the program to start whatsoever...
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    How to Burn DreamCast Games

    After, meeting a fellow forum member, finding out he has problems burning games, and being shocked as to the suggestions people have gave him, I think this guide is necessary. How to Burn DreamCast Games 1. Download DiscJugglar from the official site, here. 2. Make sure your Dreamcast game is...
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    How to burn DC games with a PPC Mac? Please help!

    Hey guys, new here. Just wondering about advice on how I can burn ISOs using a iMac PPC? I've read on several sites about stuff like Liquid CD and Toast, only running into some obstacles: the latest version of LCD I found runs only on Intel Macs, while Toast is kinda expensive and I don't...
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    Guide: Everything you need to download and burn dc games!!!!

    Ok this guide is being written to help everyone that does not know how to download or burn dc games. or for all those people that don't know the easy way to doing this. STEP 1 Get initial supplies You need Winrar and 7zip Where to get them Here: 7zip Download 7-Zip - FileHippo.com Winrar...
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    How to burn boot disc?

    Hey guys, I'm new to dreamcast homebres and I want to burn a boot disc (DC-X) I use disc juggler 6. The problem is I can't find the right settings to burn a boot disc, I only find how to burn games and I don't want that Can someone help me?
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    Where Do I Go To Download Propeller Arena To Burn on a Disc?

    Propeller Arena if you don't know is a cancelled arena based flight combat game that was fortunately leaked on the internet for people to download, burn, & play on their Dreamcast, if you want more info please watch this video Propeller Arena Review (Dreamcast) - YouTube Fun Fact: They Cancelled...
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    Final burn rom help

    Hi all, i have just installed the lastest final burn alpha lb onto my psp. But it wont run any of my roms that the older final burn would run, and in the text doc, it say to only run un-matched roms, help, what do i do, cheers:)
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    Burn: Cycle Cheat Codes (for CD-i)

    Level select While playing, choose the VIRUS icon from your inventory to display the "Save Game" menu. Choose SAVE, then save your game as one of the names below to warp to that level. Code Level CH_HART_END End of Hart Maze CH_KARM Booth in Karmic Church...
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    Crash 'N Burn Cheat Codes (for 3DO)

    Blackmarket To get the best stuff in the game, save up a lot of money. eventually, after a race you will be approached by a man from the black market when you go to open one of the menus (laser menu, missile mine etc.) He will offer you cool stuff like a missile reflector or stealth cloak...
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