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    Resident Evil Gaiden

    99 Handgun Bullets You have to be in the engine room before fighting the B.O.W. on the 12th save point. Die on purpose when fighting the B.O.W. Use a continue. Get the handgun bullets and keep doing this until you have 99 handgun bullets.
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    Gunlord, fast striker & last hope: pink bullets rereleased

    All the games are for sale on NG Dev teams website for those who are interested.
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    10,000 Bullets

    Various Codes Unlockable How to unlock All normal and secret characters playable Complete the game and save. Load that save to start from the beginning with all characters selectable (including Boris and Black Alice) in any stage. EASY difficulty Get 5 game overs in NORMAL difficulty...
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    Medal of Honor Warfighter gameplay video: Bullets fly and pirates die

    See more of Danger Close's E3 demo. EA has released a seven minute gameplay demo for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Dead or Alive 5 will not have post-launch DLC characters Microsoft claims ownership of leaked Xbox 720 document Metro Last...
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