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    Scored an official VGA box for 10 bucks

    the thing is mint too. I used to have one but traded it years ago, i was so mad at myself. but then i got this at a local shop. the guy said he could get alot more for it on ebay but i buy alot of stuff from him and he knew i was looking for one so he gave it to me for 10 bucks!! anybody...
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    only 28 bucks for this lol

    Sega Dreamcast White Console With Cords Hookups Phantasy Star | eBay dude literally sold his dreamcast and vmu and controller and game for 12 dollars probably made 10 dollars after ebay took money from it. probably cost him another 2 dollars on gas to take it down to the mail center. he made...
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    A Space Shooter for 2 bucks! CWCheats [NPUZ-00190]

    _S NPUZ-00190 _G A Space Shooter for 2 bucks! _C0 Max Score/Salvaged Pts _L 0x20328348 0x3B9ACA00 _C0 Max Kills Total _L 0x20328344 0x3B9ACA00 _C0 INF Special Weapons _L 0x003283F8 0x00000064 _L 0x003283F6 0x00000064 _C1 BY: Baldassano
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