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    Dreamcast Web Browser and Magazine Iso's

    just was wondering if anyone had made a iso of 1.0 or 2.0 or any of the demo disks from the Official Magazine. any help would be appreciated
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    Dreamcast GDIs and in game web browser

    so i recently go a sd card and have been paying around with it with dreamshell and since dreamshell can support gdis i thought " maybe now i can try the in game browsers like in SOA because they are taken out of most cdi releases" but no matter what i have tried they all take me back to the...
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    Custom PlanetWeb Browser

    Was wondering if anyone has made a GDI rip of the final version of this web browser, the only versions out there have issues that constantly make it crash and almost unusable (Even dans - Login) No GDI rip exists anywhere on the internet, not even in this big collection...
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    PSP Browser

    its me again hi lol tried firefox and chrome browser for my PSP-3001 and it worked good until i encountered a bug with facebook :sigh: came across in the forums about Netfront 4 beta and it looked very promising! apparently i need HEN in order for it to run :sigh: my PSP isnt hackable...
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    Internet Browser wont open

    I click on the internet browser and the circle at the corner appears then disappears right away :( Help i have psp 1000 version m33_630
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    Psp browser Gotube help

    ok so i got a reply about the homebrew firmware that lets you watch youtube on you psp called Gotube right? well i went there and found out to install it you have to have a computer i dont have access to one at the moment and i was wondering if anyone knew how to download it from the psp browser
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