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    Thinking of selling my BBA - anyone interested?

    Well due to a few money complictions I need to sell a few things to raise some money! One thing I think I'll be selling is my BBA (broadband adaptor) -anyone here be interested before I post it on ebay/other forums? Can come with a copy of PSO if needed - I also have boxed a copy of the last...
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    WTB Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter HIT-0400 or HTK-0401

    I'm wanting to go online with my Dreamcast and I only have broadband, no dialup connection. So I am looking for an HIT-0400 or 401 so I can play Quake online :D Does anyone here have a spare one they would like to sell?
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    broadband games for dreamcast

    Doom DC is a homebrew port hat can use it but the BBA came in when the Dreamcast was almost dead so not many games utilize the DC.
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    Broadband adapter on ebay

    Theres a broadband adapter on ebay for sale right now, and its only at $76.51 Dreamcast Broadband Adapter (BBA) HIT-0400 LAN network | eBay
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    Is any broadband adaptor better than another?

    Right after selling my broadband adaptor awhile ago and regretting it im going to get another. I can't remember what serial number my old one was but I've noticed there are 3-4 different versions of the BBA - are any better than another? Cant wait to get online again - miss pso
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    My $20 Broadband Adapter!

    I did it! I was able to find a Broadband Adapter for around my $20 budget, sort of. I actually found a Dreamcast system on eBay (with some accessories) for $55 shipped. I noticed the modem was removed and shown on the floor next to the system. I thought to myself, hmmm, why would someone remove...
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    Nerd Outbidding me on Ebay For Broadband Adapter

    This guy keeps outbidding me The thing is worth about 130 dollars. Its all the way up to 180 dollars. I'm now at my limits. He's either gonna pay way more than its worth or im gonna win, lol.
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    Selling Dreamcast Already + Broadband Adapter

    Whelp it was fun for a few days. Time to move on. I pretty much quit gaming. Bought this out of boredom and to try it out. Knew I was gonna sell it. I'm gonig to be selling VGA adapter and keyboard as well. It's still in the mail coming to me, lol! :mrgreen...
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    Anyone want to sell a Broadband Adapter?

    I know this is a longshot... I'm trying to get a BBA but Ebay prices are ridiculous. Maybe one of you collectors has an extra? I'm not looking to steal one from somebody, I'm willing to pay a fair price. PM me if you're interested in selling. Thanks!
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    Could you trick/make a broadband adapter to play dial up games?

    I was wondering if the broadband adapter could some how connect to a dial game, is it possible? There are a lot of dial up only online games and if the broadband adapter could connect to them it would make it easier to get online as well as make people more willing to connect online with the...
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    Any info on Unofficial Dreamcast Broadband Adapter In Development?

    I was wondering about if there was any new info on the development of the homemade bba? I heard about it on youtube in 2014 and never heard a word since. Is it still in the works?
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    Poll: What's the best broadband for gaming?

    Which pipe do you like?. Broadband provider O2 is offering an Xbox Live Subscription plus 2100 points for just £1... if you subscribe to its All Rounder or Works packages for a year. Click here to read the full article More...
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