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    If you can bring just 1 Naomi arcade title to DC...

    After the "If You Could Revive a Cancelled DC Game..." thread was created with much success, I've been thinking about posting a very similar thread myself. Let me go on the record and say that ONE the biggest reasons that i love the Dreamcast was due it shared relationship with the Sega NAOMI...
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    New neo-geo game coming out, is it worth to bring it over?

    Maybe old news, but new to me... Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon - New Neo Geo AES / MVS Homebrew Shooter Due For 2013 Release gameplay le interview the page what do you guys think: - is it old news? - is it worth contacting these guys and...
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    Vote to bring Shenmue to PS4

    So, I made a couple videos about this, watch them for details. But the super short version is, Sony is taking requests. Click on the link and add your votes. Big question. What game or series not... - Official PlayStation Magazine UK | Facebook
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    New Xbox boss:Biggest request is to bring Shenmue 3...

    It's games first for Xbox One under new management - Polygon
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    Macrofire doesn't bring up menu

    I'm trying to run Macrofire 3.2.8 (the newest, if my google-fu hasn't betrayed me), but the menu doesn't come up when I press both volume buttons. I've copied the prx and ini in SEPLUGINS, enabled them in game.txt, pops.txt and vsh.txt, and checked that they are enabled in the recovery menu...
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    can someone bring me up to date?

    so i've been on vacation for a while and i've lost track of all the CFWs and stuff so what i want to know is: what's the newest CFW for 6.20 and 6.39 (oh and there's a 6.60 now?), like all the different kinda, PRO, ME..etc and there seems to be two kind of PROs spread around the web, one the...
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