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    Disgaea D2 - A Brighter Darkness EU

    Can send Unlimited Number of Characters on Stage 01.40 001F1198 60000000 SET OGP=992B080A83A2D278 SET COP=6000000083A2D278 Max Mana After Kill One Enemy 01.40 00005564 60000000 SET OGP=6129967F7FA04800409D0008 SET COP=6129967F7FA0480060000000 Use A Weapon To Master It 0000A1A4 60000000 SET...
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    why is one psp brighter than the other?

    i have two phat psps and i notice the TA-086 is a whole shade brighter than my TA-081. for my preferred brightness i only set it to 2 on the 086 but on the 081 i have to set it to 3 sometimes 4 to get the same level of brightness. how can i make it so my TA-081 is as bright as my TA-086?
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