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    3D Brick Breaker Revolution

    AchievementsComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. Achievement How to unlock Apprentice Classicist Complete 10 levels in Classic Mode. Apprentice Revolutionary Get to Level 5 in Revolution Mode. Backpacker Get to Level 25 in Revolution Mode...
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    Possible PSP brick? Green light but MMS won't work.

    I recently pulled my old psp out of the cupboard and since I dont use it anymore decided to mod it. It's a slim (2002 model number) and I bought it december 2007. Its the simpsons edition so its yellow. Anywho I opened the battery and Im positive I cut the correct line. I put the battery in and...
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    PSP-2006 Brick

    i have psp-2006 motherboard ta-088v2 i upgrade from 5.03 OFW to 6.20 OFW then i applied tn-c hen after that i downgrade to 5.50 GEN-D3 then i restarted my psp after that blank screen nothing happens how to unbrike the psp and can i unbrike it without pandora battery? i need help i bought it new :(
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    Something went wrong... (didn't brick.. just nothing happens) help?

    Hey guys, I created my MMS and I have a Pandora's battery I purchased. I placed my MMS in, and then my pandora's, it didn't auto boot with Despertar Cementerio. It loaded my Normal XMB. Any suggestions appreciated, Thanks.
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    Nand Brick

    Hi all looking for some help on a psp I bricked first off I think I have written a nand from a psp 2000 to a psp 1000 as I was trying to unbrick a 2000 using my pandora which has a 3.90 on the mms has never let me down so have not updated it . but due to it not working i updated my mms to...
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    6.39 PRO B2 brick?

    I have a PSP 1000 running on PRO B2. It ran out of battery power, and when I put it on the charger and started it up, I got the Sony logo, and then the blue waves background. The background moves, but nothing else shows up. Any ideas on how to fix it?
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    fully brick psp 2006

    hi a newbie here.pls help.just want to know if a psp 2006 that is fully brick can b unbrick without using a pandora battery.
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    psp 2006 brick

    hi guys. is it possible as of now to unbrick a fully brick psp 2006. please help. thank you
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    Psp 3004 brick

    Plz help me my psp 3004 cfw 5.03 brick ony sony log show and then off please help me
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    Psp 3000 brick help!!

    Hey guys, i was just messin around wid my psp. I was using 6.20 PRO-B5 permanent on my psp 3000 and then i tried to downgrade to OFW 5.00 using the version.txt method but I forgot to uninstall 6.20 PRO-B5. It completed the downgrade but when I tried to switch it on it shows the sony logo and...
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    HELP!! My psp 2006 ta088 fully brick

    someone pls help me!!im from malaysia(asia) i think i full bricked my psp, i've read many² post through the web to unbricked it but fail , my psp wont turn on now atfter i update the software from 5.03 (chickhen) with prometheus to 5.50 gen d3 ,i frget to read the instruction fr the firmware...
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    Full brick or semi brick??

    Hi all I have a psp 1000 which belonged to a cousin of mine. Recently,when he turns it on,the green light comes on for about 3 seconds and then gone. I have a magicstick and a pandora battery so i tried to help. Here's the problem... I removed his battery and ms and inserted my magicstick and...
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    PSP 2001 6.37 brick help

    please help i tried to install a me cfw on 6.37 and it bricked. can someone help me unbrick it? thanks for reading this and hope someone can help me
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    restore a psp full brick with a flash backup on the mem stick

    i have a full brick that will ocassionally turn on with a pandora and an mms but when updating cfw the minute it gets to flash 1 it crashes i have a backup of the flash so i need to restore it how? Auto-Merge: this is a 1000 with 3.xx
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    Is it a brick ?

    Hi guys ive got a phat running 5.50 gen d3. i havent used it for a while so the battery was totally flat, i charged it fully and now when i turn it on all i get is a blank screen. i took the mem card and the batt out but when i put the batt back in, the green on light comes on by itself . when i...
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    Did I brick it

    Hello i have a psp 1001 fat model. I was playing a iso FF1 on the psp and then I turned the power off and pulled the msd card out and put some thing on it and put it back in the psp and tryed to turn it on all I get is the green light just sits there never goes off or on? Any help Auto-Merge...
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    PSP help! not brick

    i have a psp 1001 firmware 5.00 m33 one day as usual i was playing my games when it suddenly turned off since then when i insert my battery an orange light comes on the led as if it is charging but it is not i can't on my psp with the battery when i insert ac adapter(without battery) the orange...
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