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    WindFree™ Air Conditioner Official Film: Cool. Quiet. Saving. l Samsung

    WindFree™ Air Conditioner Official Film: Cool. Quiet. Saving. l Samsung
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    Brand New Dreamcast Scam

    EDIT: Seller has issued $30 refund (not enough, but will do). I am going to keep it and am giving up on buying "New" Dreamcasts, after what has happened. I will just stick to buying used ones, and will keep the other new one I have in its box. Hi, So I have been a huge Dreamcast fan since it...
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    Does the brand of CD-R matter?

    So I'm a noob to the whole burning games thing. I just bought a new Dreamcast a few weeks ago to replace my old broken one and decided to buy 50 blank Dynex CD-Rs so I could play some unreleased/freeware games on it. I downloaded Discjuggler and Alcohol 120% and burnt a few games. First game I...
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    Sakura Wars DC - Brand New

    Sega Dreamcast Sakura Wars Limited Edition Console System | eBay The price on this is really low, I would so buy this if I had the money. Hope someone here snatches this.
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    Strange off brand 4x memory card

    Anyone seen one of these before ? I got it with a extra console i bought a while back and forgot about. seems to work fine so far though the pages are hard to discern as the LED's have to shine through the solid plastic shell.
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    Anybody know if this Sega brand wireless PS2 controller is compatible with DC?

    I have been eyeing these controllers over the years, and today I started looking more into them and noticed there were 3 colors made. Before I only knew of Blue, but there were Black and White as well. Does anybody own one of these, and does it work with the total control adapters? Wireless...
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    Mega Visions brand new SEGA magazine

    The guys at SEGA Nerds are having a kickstart for a brand new sega magazine that will cover all things sega from the SG 1000 to the dreamcast and beyond. I think this is very exciting news for the dreamcast and sega community especially if sega carries through with their promise from last year...
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    What firmware do the brand new 3000's have?

    After some further research, I determined that it'd be much to get a 3000 than a 2000 with a fully hackable motherboard. All I need to know is what firmware a new 3000 comes with so I can either get a brand new one or find a used one with an older firmware.
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