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    VGA boxes...

    i have a treamcast vga box which at the time was meant to be good cos it worked with back ups etc...but can get hold of a official one..would it be much better?
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    Great deal on Dreamcast VGA Boxes

    This will only help out those who live in the United States, but I wanted to share this with you all... A friend of mine found a bunch of Madness Gameware Dreamcast VGA Boxes that were for an event he was doing, but they got lost amongst all the other stuff that was going on. He recently found...
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    Do you know these Dreamcast game boxes?

    Hi. I've bought 2 second hand games which were in this type of box and not in the original Dreamcast PAL box. It looks like it (blue) but is a bit thinner and can only hold one cd. The hinges are better and there is no breaking tooth. Is this a third party replacement box? Is there a source to...
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    Pal Dreamcast Boxes are amazing-ly crap!

    Knowing full well just how crap pal dreamcast boxes are I ever so gingerly, with the utmost presence of mind, opened the box to shenmue 2. The front snapped right off - So annoying. The only fault I can find with the dreamcast is those ridiculous pal boxes. Who in gods name manufactured these...
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    Why Did Boxes Change From Black To White?

    I was just wondering this. Does anybody know why the earlier Dreamcast releases are white while the later releases are black? I do prefer the black boxes. But I thought that was an interesting question
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    3DO Boxes

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