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    Black boxed VMU, hot or not?

    Just been looking on ebay for another VMU (after seeing the "cumulative save" bug on half life I figured a dedicated VMU would be in order) So luckily for me one of the cheapest VMUs on ebay was a boxed black VMU, never opened. Very cool :) But then I got to thinking, if its black and unopened...
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    virtua tennis pal boxed version

    I think I've seen it once somewhere, its a cardboard box with game + controller (like bass fishing & so on). I find nothing of it on the net, can anyone confirm this actually exists? (I think it came out in australia) I could be entirely wrong :lol: :lol:
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    Propeller Arena Boxed Set

    Saw this the other day. Neat item. Flickr Flickr It's silly, but as a collector, I do get excited about semi-official looking printed cardboard and paper :)
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