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    Army Men: Air Combat

    Level passwords 02 - Box, Cross, Box, Box 03 - Rocket, Rocket, Rocket, Cross 04 - Patch, Rocket, Box, Box 05 - Cross, Patch, Cross, Rocket 06 - Helmet, Rocket, Patch, Helmet 07 - Box, Cross, Rocket, Cross 08 - Rocket, Patch, Cross, Helmet 09 - Patch, Patch, Rocket, Rocket 10 - Cross, Helmet...
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    Capcom finally promises to fix Resi 3DS box typo

    "Subsequent shipments" to feature correct game name. Capcom's promised to correct a typo on the spine of Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS boxes, incorrectly spelling the game name as 'Revelaitons'. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Possible to tell firmware from box?

    Is there a way to find more info about a PSP 3000 from the box it comes in? such as the firmware? or all all psp 3000 boxes identical?
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