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    Border Down (JAP)

    [h=3]Border Down (JAP)[/HEADING] Many Points 021D20B8 075BCD15 Infinite Boss Time 011D2108 0000EA5F Max. Laser Level 015E9072 00004479 Max. Laser Level (Practice) 015E9172 000043FA Credits 0015A769 00000063 Break Pts. 011D20F8 000003E7 Invincible (Practice) 005E918F 00000064...
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    Border Down, Ending levels

    Hey guys, I've spent tons of hours playing Border Down. I love it and think its a near perfect game but I can never get an ending level other than 6A! I've seen videos of the other ending levels and they look amazing so if anyone knows how to go about getting the other levels please let me...
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