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    Game booting problems.

    After getting my "moody PSP" on, I went to play Kingdom Hearts BBS as normal. It worked just fine the first time, but now, whenever I try to boot any game, it just gets stuck at the PSP screen for about a minute, then turns off.. Could this be a CPU speed issue? It's worked plenty of times...
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    PSP stopped booting MGS Peace Walker.

    So I got this PSP1000 fat modded to 5.50 GEN-D (full), I had a fixed version Peace Walker on it and it work great and smoothly but I had to take it off to put some other games on it and play said games (Using a 4GB memory stick). When I copied it on this morning I found it not booting by going...
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    PSP not booting anything

    Hi i have a slim psp 2000, running prometheus 5.50, i tried to boot any games and after i press x it tries to loads but freezes, also tried to boot the cfw upgrade and it will also freeze, reformatted memory stick, and no luck, also when I put the UMD it will freeze if it tries to load the game...
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    Help Triple Booting PSP Phat

    Hey guys. I have a PSP 1000 running 6.39 ME - 5 custom firmware(just updated). I would like to install 5.00 M33 on it as well, since I heard it's possible, and triple boot between OFW 6.39, and custom firmwares 6.39 ME - 4 and 5.00 M33 - 4. I KNOW it's possible to do. I've tried a couple guides...
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    my IRshell is not booting up

    my IRshell is not booting up on psp 1001 5.00m33-6 prom4
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