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    Dreamcast boot disc?

    I wanna get the NFL 2K Dreamcast games on a PAL Dreamcast. Can you send me a link to a Boot Disc on ebay as i had one off ebay before and it said "whoever you bought this off cheated you" or something along those lines, so i'm unsure what they look like colour wise etc...
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    Boot disc issues

    Hi, I hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience, but: I've been having problems getting boot discs to work correctly. I eventually figured out Utopia doesn't support VGA mode (which is what I'm using), Codebreaker simply told me every disc I inserted was invalid. CDX got to the dreamcast...
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    Please help me I need a boot disk or a DC-X disk

    I am cpu stooopid. I followed the directions and downloaded and unzipped the file utopia and burnt it with disk juggler on create new CD and then put it in my dreamcast turned it on and there was a floating turning cd. 1st time I hit on the play Icon and a japenese voice talked and I hit back...
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    What boot disc forces VGA for backups.

    I'm sure its been talked about over and over again but I cant find it. Is there a boot disc that forces non vga games to vga? I'm talking about backups not original games. Is DCHakker what I'm looking for? Thanks friends.
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    Make Disc Self Boot?

    I saw "Sunrise Eiyuutan" on dee cee isooo zoone and it looks cool but it's not self-booting. How to make it so? Thanks.
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    Street Fighter 3 Boot Disk for PAL Dreamcast.

    I only have two import games, Rez and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. I downloaded and burned the 'Utopia' boot disk, this works for Rez, but seems to crash when used with Street Fighter. Anyone have any idea if there are any other boot disks which would work with Street Fighter?
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    Won't Boot From a Disc Anymore?

    Wow! Nice to see an active Dreamcast forum! I searched for this before I posted and didn't see anything quite like this, so I hope someone can help me out. This weekend, I decided to get to some DC games that I never finished (nothing against the games, it's just how I am, especially with...
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    Easier & Quicker Boot Disk...

    I was on youtube and watching game reviews of japanese shmups and this guy said to buy this. So I wanted to show everyone this. It really easy, just put it in the dreamcast and follow the dreamcast. I think this would be easier for new dreamcast owners or people not wanting to go through the...
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    Another Boot Disk Question

    Sorry guys, I am going insane, I have been trying to create a boot disk for the last 7 hours. I have not been having much luck with google in that time and I'm about to throw the dreamcast through the window. I just bought my 1st DC. Been wanting one for years! Bought a PAL-E version. There is...
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    Best boot disc to use for Shenmue II on an NTSC console

    What's the best one to use for a PAL copy of Shenmue II on an American console? After trying 4 different burned ones including codebreaker, it refused to boot. Codebreaker otherwise never lets me down with booting original import games. The only boot disc I can get to work with this...
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    Utopia Boot CD - Last official version?

    Is the official last version of the Utopia Boot CD the v1.5 (can be downloaded from [1]) or the v2 (can be downloaded from [2])? Also, which version is the one hosted on DC Talk [3]? EDIT: OK, just loaded it on an emu and saw it says 1.1. [1] Utopia Boot Disk Version 1 5 • Other / Misc •...
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    New DC game wont boot

    Very strange this issue. I bought me a new fresh copy of ghost blade and this new game won't boot in my Japanese modded console. I tried the laser adjust method and I even ripped and burned it to a second cd, still no play. It shows the Sega logo, the game logo and then it just bounces back to...
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    Cant get PSO patcher to boot

    I have no problems whatsoever with reading any other burns or games. However I cant get this to boot with discjuggler or ImgBurn. Any ideas? Really sucks because I just ordered the Dreampi.
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    How to burn boot disc?

    Hey guys, I'm new to dreamcast homebres and I want to burn a boot disc (DC-X) I use disc juggler 6. The problem is I can't find the right settings to burn a boot disc, I only find how to burn games and I don't want that Can someone help me?
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    multible CFW boot problem

    im writing this on my PSP :) anyways i got and been using CFW 6.39 pro-B6 with no problems. this mornin i got TN-A for 6.39 because im used to TN. ive been switching back and fourth between the 2 all day. any dangers? some of my homebrew crashed and took me 30 minutes to fix the problen.
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    Boot games from PC?

    Hello. I'm on PSP 6.39 ME-5.. however, i've done few backups of my games, as they become 'stretchy'.. So now i want to play them, but from PC as source (Example C:\MyGame.ISO).. How to achieve this, does anyone know what exactly programs and tools i need ? thanks!
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