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    Baby Boomer

    Extra LivesTo earn some extra lives, perform any of the following actions. Level 1: Repeatedly shoot at the fire hydrant. Level 2: Repeatedly shoot the thin, tall tombstone. Level 4: Repeatedly shoot the stalactite over the bridge. Level 6: Repeatedly shoot the torch
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    Boomer Adventure

    Level Codes Level 8 SCARAB Boss 1 AXOLOTL Level 9 BLUTEN Level 15 REMORA Level 16 PANGOLIN Level 16 CHIMERA Level 17 DEWLAP Level 23 MINORCA Level 24 ELYTRON Level 25 GILA Level 32 HYDRA Level 33 IBEX Top of tower JEDOCH Battle Bouncer ZAHNBELA Level Select At the...
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    Baby Boomer Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Baby Boomer ----------------------------------------------------------------- BABY BOOMER (Color Dreams) Instruction Manual PAGE 1 ------ BABY BOOMER Meet Baby Boomer! One day, while no one was looking, he crawled out of his crib and wandered off into the woods. Little did he...
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