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    Bonks Adventure Cheat Codes (for Turbografx)

    Cheat mode Highlight the "Quit" option at the mode selection screen. Hold Down/Left + I + II and press Run. A menu that with speed, jumping, sound test, and level select options will appear. | [Sent by Matrix]
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    Bonks Revenge Cheat Codes (for Turbografx)

    Bonus round practice Hold II and press Run at the difficulty selection menu. | [Sent by Matrix] Get the blue heart in the first level in round 2 There is a blue heart on top near the bamboo tree. Go on the bouncy thing which leads up to the three bricks. Go on the top brick, then to the...
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    Bonk's Revenge

    Bonus Levels By pressing buttons 1+2 at the sametime during the Title Screen. Clear pause screen Pause the game and then hold I + II + Select. Ending sequence preview First activate the "practice bonus round" code and then highlight the Exit option and press II + RUN. Practice bonus rounds...
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    Bonk's Adventure

    005-13B-F7D Infinite energy 007-99D-D5D Infinite lives *= Not on continue 021-AFF-E66 + 001-B3F-5D4 *Start with 3 lives, 1st life as Mad Bonk 021-AFF-E66 + 001-B3F-5D4 *Start 1st life as Turtle Bonk 071-AFF-E66 *Start with 8 lives 091-AFF-E66 *Start with 10 lives
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    Bonk's Adventure game genie codes (for NES)

    Bonk's Adventure SZVZINVK Infinite lives AEKAAAZA Start with 1 life IEKAAAZA Start with 6 lives AEKAAAZE Start with 9 lives GEUAAEGA Start with less initial energy (but more maximum energy) AOUAAEGE Start with more...
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    Bonks adventure Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Bonk's Adventure {fc} Hudson Group HUDSON SOFT BONK'S ADVENTURE INSTRUCTION MANUAL {2} Thank you! You've just made the perfect choice by selecting and purchasing this quality Hudson Soft product. To ensure your full enjoyment, we recommend that you read this manual carefully. BONKtm AND...
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