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    Bomberman Generation – Action Replay Codes [US]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for Bomberman Generation on Nintendo GameCube (GCN). Master Code – Must Be On NFN7-RYRN-TG2YN YKZF-W7C6-3T9Q7 Max hearts and infinite health WH2J-PJ49-38N0V PZ31-T0V5-6534Z HMV7-QAFQ-4FHN1 Freeze timer PD22-TP9K-W5NZJ UXN8-1BFM-2G95W Have max...
  2. F

    Bomberman Jetters

    1 (M) Must Be On G93H-9VHP-DE8QB N3GN-571P-B59R2 2 Infinite Health 66Q7-K5AG-NAKNF 45YC-J1KH-KXV1U 3 Max Speed PYNJ-PXUG-QKGCT 1NC6-NY8P-X9MN6 4 Max Power M2Y9-H6AK-E3EVM BAX8-KA2D-C9AM8 5 Max Bombs BHDV-5906-KCRBX Q5X5-FZCV-U4YXN 6 Low Level Time M6U4-U3T5-8XZ5C GQC8-XU85-TMEXA...
  3. F

    Bomberman Generation

    1 [M] NFN7-RYRN-TG2YN YKZF-W7C6-3T9Q7 2 Max Hearts And Infinite Health WH2J-PJ49-38N0V PZ31-T0V5-6534Z HMV7-QAFQ-4FHN1 3 Freeze Timer PD22-TP9K-W5NZJ UXN8-1BFM-2G95W 4 Have Max Bombs Y919-TWBG-6ZM1Z 2QYZ-4327-KT5K5 5 Have Max Fire 59AJ-FH7X-5BHT7 0X2B-GKNZ-M3VKB 6 Have Max Speed...
  4. F

    Bomberman Online (USA)

    [h=3]Bomberman Online (USA)[/HEADING] [M] Must Be First 9C5D88F8 Press L To Have All 3 Target Orbs D31C843260704E1E E7D8287900000003 D31C843260704E1E F0C4F9BB00000003 Normal Mode: Press R To Have Max Bombs D31C843280704E1E 1C55C9B90000000A Normal Mode: Press R To Have Max Fire Power...
  5. F

    Super Bomberman 4

    Single Mode Winner Turns GoldEnter this code on the password screen, and you'll be taken back to the title screen. When you play a round of single mode (all players vs. each other player), the one who reaches the goal for wins turns gold the next round. This doesn't work for tag matches...
  6. F

    Super Bomberman 3

    Alternate Levels For Battle ModePut 4622 into the password section. This will alter most existing Battle Levels.
  7. F

    Super Bomberman 2

    Alternate colorsPress Select at the player selection screen.
  8. F

    Super Bomberman

    Bomb TrickAt the beginning of each stage, set a bomb and keep on pressing the same button and you'll be a walking a bomb; however, this will end until you stop flashing. You can also start it again by getting the "vest" item.
  9. F

    Super Bomberman 5

    Battle stages 11, 12 and 13This requires Hudson's Super Joycard controller. Have the X switch on the controller set to the middle and on the title screen hold X for about 6 seconds. A sound will confirm on success. These are the same stages found on the gold cartridge.
  10. F

    Bomberman Generation

    Change ViewIn battle game mode when the word "ready" appears on the screen change the camera angle with the C button.
  11. F

    Bomberman Jetters

    Bomber MansionIn order to get the Bomber Mansion you must use your bombs to kill yourself or die from one of the enemies. The professor will say something about training in the Bomber Mansion. Select 'No' when asked to continue, and on the main screen you will be able to use the Bomber...
  12. F

    Bomberman Tournament (USA, Europe)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top AquaBomb Sax 6A9EA609 1621632A Top Bomb Sax 7C3BBCBF 0481411B Top HoldBomb Sax 044B35A0 B8739DB3 Top Landmine Sax 50E9DC0B 64ACAF18 Top PowerBomb Sax 9486A01A 4EA0B853 Top RCBomb Sax F706E563 B2EF8273 Top Ceedrum Sax 570CF438 928304CC...
  13. F

    Bomberman Hero

    Gold RibbonsTo obtain Gold Ribbons, you must have a score of 5 in every level of a Planet. If you have achieved a complete set of 5's in a Planet, you will be awarded with a Gold Ribbon.
  14. F

    Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

    Alternate title screenSuccessfully complete the game to change the title screen to display one of Pommy's different levels with a blue background with clouds.
  15. F

    Bomberman Max 2 - Red Advance (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top No.1 Max Stats InterAct 170D009A 76E28362 59958C6F CFAAE2C6 3C43B9A6 BDEF3ECB FD26193D 828733F3 BD3BDEE3 5D70A820 Top No.10 Max Stats InterAct E618D77F...
  16. F

    Bomberman Max 2 - Blue Advance (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top No.1 Max Stats InterAct 170D009A 76E28362 59958C6F CFAAE2C6 3C43B9A6 BDEF3ECB FD26193D 828733F3 BD3BDEE3 5D70A820 Top No.10 Max Stats InterAct E618D77F...
  17. F

    Bomberman Land Touch!

    Game ID: ABXE-41b7db9b ----- Source: Codejunkies This Code Must Be On 03807f1c ebafd838 Infinite Tokens 22040bdc 00000063 2203f498 00000063 Have All Area Pieces 02040bc4 ffffffff 02040bc8 ffffffff 02040bcc ffffffff 02040bd0 ffffffff 0203f494 18181818 All Stamps Collected 02040be4 000fffff
  18. F


    Game ID: ABME-5daf560f ----- Source: Codejunkies Infinite Lives 221fe568 00000024 Infinite Time 121fe624 00000000 Max Score 021fe570 0098967f Infinite Bomb Increase 621538c4 00000000 b21538c4 00000000 200000fc 00000009 d2000000 00000000 Infinite Speed Increase 621538c4 00000000 b21538c4...
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    Bomberman 94 [JPN] CWCheats [NPJJ-30001]

    _S NPJJ-30001 _G Bomberman 94 [JPN] _C0 Inf Lifes _L 0x01373D44 0x00000009 _L 0x0137EB8E 0x00000009 _C1 By Baldassano
  20. F


    -Alternate block locations Enter 56565656, 16161616 or 49894989 as a password for the beginner, normal, and hard difficulty settings in battle mode.
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