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    Bubble Bobble

    Gain acess to all 200 levelsEnter the password as 9S5CLNN3 to gain access to all 200 levels.
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    Bubble Bobble

    Original Bubble Bobble At the title screen press: Shoot, Jump, Shoot, Jump, Shoot, Jump, Right, Start buttons for player one. It will say at the bottom of screen: ORIGINAL GAME. The game will give the PORTALS in some screens, if you can get in them you will get LOADS of diamonds.
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    Bubble Memories: The Story of Bubble Bobble 3

    Bad Ending 1In Normal Mode, beat the boss of level 70 without getting the 7 potions.
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    Bubble Bobble (U) [!] game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Pro Action Replay Codes: Invincibility 00CE9B:FF 00CE9C:FF Infinite Lives - 00CEB7:65 -Rune Round Modifier [Note 1] - 00DB00:?? -Rune Note 1 Remember: The round is one more than the value you put into '??'. Thus, if you want round 2, put '03' into '??'. Game Genie Codes: Start with 1 life -...
  5. F

    Bubble Bobble 2

    Skip Level If you press L1, L2, R1 and R2 at the same time, you will skip levels. When you encounter a boss, this cheat will not kill him, just open the doors to the next level.
  6. F

    Bubble Bobble

    Cheat Mode On the start screen press: Down, up, down, up, right, down, left, down, up, down. A message will appear to signfy that the code has been entered correctly. When the message has come up, start a game as normal then, during play, press the following buttons: R1: Skip to next...
  7. F

    Bubble Bobble Part 2

    Stage Select For your password, put in "(Right Arrow) 5 (Right Arrow) V." Press Start to get to the Stage Select screen. Use Up and Down to cycle through the stages, and press Start to begin. Do not select Exit or it will not work.
  8. F

    Bubble Bobble

    Passwords First 100 levels - KGLJ Next 100 levels - KG5D Final level - KZ5J Secret level - KZ5K | [Sent by Bern]
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    Bubble Bobble

    Cheat Mode Highlight the "Password" option on the title screen and press Pause. Press 1, Left, Down, Up, 1, Up, 1, Up. Extra lives and all power-ups will be available during game play.
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    Bubble Bobble - Old and New Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Bonus items Enter one of the following initials at the high score screen, then start a new game to unlock the following items and effects. Beer mug (pizza instead of bubbles) Enter KTT as initials. Flamingo (pink worms instead of bubbles) Enter STR as initials. Fork (enemies turn...
  11. F

    Bubble Bobble Part 2

    AFE-33A-19E Kill 1 enemy to go to next level FAB-CEE-4C1 Infinite hearts 3E8-39F-081 + 138-3AF-D5E + 008-3BF-E6D Start on round 20 3E8-39F-081 + 278-3AF-D5E + 008-3BF-E6D Start on round 40 3E8-39F-081 + 3B8-3AF-D5E + 008-3BF-E6D Start on round 60 015-5CE-E66 Start with 1...
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    Bubble Bobble: Part 2 (for NES)

    Bubble Bobble: Part 2 PEXEEALA Start with 1 life--player 1 TEXEEALA Start with 6 lives--player 1 PEXEEALE Start with 9 lives--player 1 TEVATZLA Start with 6 lives--player 2 PEVATZLE Start with 9 lives--player 2 SZNOASVK...
  13. F

    Bubble Bobble game genie codes (for NES)

    Bubble Bobble PAUKEZLA Both players start with 1 life TAUKEZLA Both players start with 6 lives PAUKEZLE Both players start with 9 lives ZAUGEZPE Start game on level 10 PPUGEZPE Start game on level 25 ZLUGEZPA Start...
  14. F

    Bubble Bobble 2 Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Bubble Bobble Part 2 NES-BQ-USA BUBBLE BOBBLE PART 2 (Taito logo) Instruction Booklet PAGE 2 ------ (Taito logo) (picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal...
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    Bubble Bobble Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Bubble Bobble BUBBLE BOBBLE by Taito THANK YOU for buying Bubble Bobble from Taito. This arcade hit is now yours to enjoy at home. For the most fun, read this instruction manual thoroughly before you begin your journey! THE STORY [A Comic Strip] NARRATOR: In a strange and magical forest...
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    Bubble Bobble 2 cheat codes (for NES)

    Different diamond colors To get the different diamond colors, the "colorized" enemies must fall in certain parts of the screen. For example: an enemy that's item falls on the extreme right of the screen has a good chance of giving you a purple diamond, and one on the right should give you red...
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    Bubble Bobble cheat codes (for NES)

    Kill time-over ghost When your time runs out, the music changes and this little ghost chases you. If you're on a stage where lighting bubbles are in the room, hit the ghost with one and it'll die.
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