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    Xbox One info blowout! Here's everything you need to know

    Look inside Microsoft's new console After years of speculation, more rumors than anyone expect, and hourly leaks, Microsoft has finally revealed its upcoming console. Introducing Microsoft's entry into the next-generation of game consoles: The Xbox One. No, not the 720, or the "Infinity," or...
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    God Eater Burst [NPJH-50352] CWcheat Code Blowout!

    _S NPJH-50352 _G God Eater Burst _C0 Money MAX(後面數字隨便設,我可沒設置成99999999) _L 0x20311B30 0x0082A83E _C0 HP MAX _L 0x2030E7B0 0x43160000 _L 0x2030E7BC 0x43160000 _C0 OP MAX _L 0x2030E7C0 0x43160000 _L 0x2030E7B4 0x43160000 _C0 ST MAX _L 0x2030E7B8 0x43160000 _L 0x2030E7C4 0x43160000 _C0 移動速度二倍 _L...
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    Bug's Bunny Birthday Blowout game genie codes (for NES)

    Bug's Bunny Birthday Blowout SZVIGKVK Infinite lives LAOANZTE Mega-jumping Bugs AEOXPZGE Two hearts of energy gained on pick-up PEOXPZGA Less energy gained on pick-up ATNZALAL Stunned for longer IPNZALAL Stunned for...
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