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    Bloody Roar 4

    Easy killHit your opponent 10 times, then use your beast drive ability.
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    Bloody roar II USA

    bloody roar 2nd [scus_94424] /us\ breakin limited option @dificulty 801FFF78 : 1E60 @attackin level 801FFF7A | 1E60 @longest gameplay:P 801FFF7E | 1E60 @secret screen display switchin 801FFF82 | xx put tha xx within this example value 06 = typicaly console 08 = typicaly game1 09 =...
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    Bloody Roar 2 Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Any cancel point option Beat fifteen or more characters in survival mode. Expert mode At the title screen, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. Extra costume Beat the game with all characters in arcade mode. Then press Start at the character selection screen. Fight against Shen Long Beat the game...
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    Bloody Roar Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Afterimage Mode Beat the game with everybody to access afterimage mode. The game is the same, but your character will have a shadow behind him. Alter Your Character's Appearance To alter your character's appearance, follow the instructions below while selecting a fighter. To change your...
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    Bloody Wolf Cheat Codes (for Turbografx)

    All items Rescue all of the prisoners in the trees on the prison camp stage. Move to the top left part of the stage and touch the top of the first seven trees on the left. A koala bear should crawl down from the trees. Climb the tree to hug him to obtain all of the items (including the Iron...
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    Bloody Wolf

    10 Flash Bombs When your strength is at '1', climb a barricade and press Up + Right + Run + II. 10 Super Grenades When your strength is at '1', climb a barricade and press Down + Left + Run + II. 50 Bazooka Rounds When your strength is at '2', climb a fence and press Left + I + II. 50...
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