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    a boy and his blob

    "A Boy and His Blob" is a delightful puzzle-platformer that captured the hearts of gamers upon its original release for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1989. Developed by Imagineering and published by Absolute Entertainment, this title is fondly remembered for its endearing premise...
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    Boy And His Blob

    Bonus contentSuccessfully complete a Challenge level. Bonus content for each completed Challenge level can be accessed from the hideout.
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    de Blob 2 [BLUS30559]

    Found a lot more stuff. When you make a package for this game with scetool, make sure this line is there: --skip-sections=FALSE make_fself and make_fself_npdrm already have that line that way by default. Without that line, the game won't boot. Pad Addresses 007FC9D0 = Up 007FC9D1 = Right...
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    A Boy and His Blob [FFEP]

    Unlimited Lives [Crapulecorp] 003A1422 00000009
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    De Blob [R6BE78]

    R6BE78 De Blob TIME STOP 04140674 60000000 TIME STOP2 0418BC8C 60000000 TIME START(1Button) 284C2302 00000200 0418BC8C D03F0014 04140674 D05F0008 E0000000 80008000 If Paint Points Increase, MAX C2141CD8 00000002 3E80000F 3814423F 901F0010 00000000 If Paint Increase, 100 C222E778...
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    A Boy and his Blob [SBLE5G]

    A Boy and his Blob [SBLE5G] Survive Enemies 0409696C 38600000 Survive Spikes 04095DC8 38600000 04089B10 38600000 Survive Pits 04097658 38000000 Multi-Jump (WiiMote) 077EB000 00000028 80040004 81630014 2C0B0001 40820018 3D60802C 816BD8E8 2C0B0800 40820008 3C0043C0 4A9247F4 0410F814 496DB7EC
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    A Boy and His Blob game genie codes (for NES)

    A Boy and His Blob AAULNGIA 1 life only ZAULNGIE Double lives GXXEOPVG Infinite lives AAVKIPPA Infinite Jellybeans SXEEZAAX Fast play For the next code, in the underwater section, if you lose a life you may not be able to...
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    A Boy and his Blob Instruction Manual (for NES)

    A Boy and his Blob NES-B5-USA A Boy and His Blob(tm) - Trouble on Blobolonia(tm) Another Extraordinary Adventure from David Crane --- David Crane, the designer of A Boy and His Blob, is the author of many of the best known video games of the past decade. Pitfall is the best selling...
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    A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Extra Vitamins First, you will have to collect all of the hidden treasure in the lower areas (near the sewers and subway station) of the game. Once all of the treasure has been collected (there is a little bar on the playing screen showing how many treasures have been collected), head back to...
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