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    Bleem games and DC Emulators

    Are they compatible with eachother? recently my DC[R.I.P.] passed away and doesn't want to turn on! It is the only DC I've been through and I am too lazy to go get another one. So I wanted to know if the bleem games hosted on this site are compatoble with any [or most] DC Emulators! I would...
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    Tekken 3 Bleem Problem

    Hello, Where can I get a bleem load disc for this? Every time I try to start it up it keeps loading to a disclaimer screen and then goes right back to the Dreamcast logo. Give da Coolinator a hand, wills ya!....... :?
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    Silent Hill - Bleem

    I was playing Silent Hill a few years ago on BLEEM, and it play'd fine but the buttons on the original Dreamcast controller there is no enough as to the PSX. What about using a PS to Dreamcast converter? PS2 controller to Dreamcast adapter Total Control PLUS | eBay Or some 3'd party...
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    PSX rips for Bleemcast and bleem beta all colors stuff

    A few years back I made 211 selfboot bleemcast disks. I am still a fan of this emulator. Recently I went back to this bleemcast stuff. So, I was doing this: using the ip.bin that is from the leaked bleem beta all colors, not using the bundled ip.bin from the bleemcast selfboot script. (when...
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    Bleem! Discussion

    Hello, I'm new to the community here and am happy to have found a place where i can discuss my thoughts on the Dreamcast. I'd like to discuss Bleemcast! (i personally own a dreamcast, Gran Turismo 2, it's Bleem disc and the dedicated vmu; way better than playing it on the PS2) Here's my...
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    Bleem question

    So guys, have y'all ever used bleem? I don't have a PS1 but there's some PS1 games I want to get. How well do they perform on bleem? Also where can I download that ISO (for the bleem disc that plays everything)?
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