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    Beyblade: V-Force

    1 (M) Must Be On AUQ7-NPRW-ATFRA 76AY-7PHQ-GRGUM 2 Max Experience Points EA6Y-M52F-FTF0U WP6T-R7WE-FJGRZ 3 Infinite Bey Points 3WYC-KCRC-PRJ85 2KN0-1AQ5-8XPKG 4 Max Wins YVDB-H857-AG1WP ZB9T-51X5-23KCH 5 All Blade Bases BX1T-CWKU-2RWGN MDAN-XREB-F88YQ 6 All Spin Gears...
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    Beyblade G-Revolution (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Dragon Fighter GameMasterZer0 8200114A 00FF Top Dragoon Storm GameMasterZer0 820010FA 00FF Top Dranzer F GameMasterZer0 82001352 00FF Top Driger G GameMasterZer0 82001122 00FF Top Kids Dragon GameMasterZer0 02001172 00FF Top Master Dranzer...
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    BeyBlade - Super Tournament Battle

    Best Beyblade Use Dragon Breaker Gamma Attack Ring, Star Attack Gamma Weight Disk, NEO Right Spin Gear Gamma Spin Mgear, Custom Grip Gamma Base, any Ultimate Launcher, and any Bit Beast. Dragoon V2 Booster Pack Win the Tournament once, then talk to DJ in the lobby. Win the Tournament...
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    Beyblade Metal Fusion Cyber Pegasus (EU)

    Credit Goes To The CMP Team Game ID: BBUP-9AC39042 S Rank 121024E0 00000606 Max BP (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 021024B0 000F423F D2000000 00000000 Player Spin Gauge Max (Press Select + L) 94000130 FDFB0000 221024CD 0000003F D2000000 00000000 Enemy Spin Gauge 0 (Press Select + R)...
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    Beyblade Metal Fusion (US)

    Credit Goes To GBATEMP Game ID: BBUY-1C3C1B9F S Rank 12102520 00000606 Max BP (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 021024F0 0001869F D2000000 00000000 Player Spin Guage Max (Press Select + L) 94000130 FDFB0000 1210250C 00003E1C D2000000 00000000 Enemy Spin Gauge 0 (Press Select + R)...
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    Beyblade Portable: Chouzetsu Tensei Vulcan [ULJM-05731] CWCheats

    Beyblade Portable: Chouzetsu Tensei Vulcan CWCheats _S ULJM-05731 _G Beyblade Portable CTVH _C0 BG MAX _L 0x089SC988 0x000F423F BG MAX 0x089ac918 0x000f423f 1P Kill 0x58a73488 0xffffffff 0x08a734a0 0x44fa0000 0x08a7349c 0x44fa0000 0xd2000000 0x00000000 Select 2P, 3P, 4P - Kill 0x98c35048...
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    Metal Fight Beyblade Portable [ULJM-05731]

    _S ULJM-05731 _G BEYBLADE_P _C1 BG _L 0x101AC918 0x0001869F _C0 EXP enable & disable _L 0x104352A0 0x0001869F _C0 Rank 99 _L 0x101AC90C 0x00000063
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    Beyblade Ultimate Blader Jam

    Infinite Spin: While playing, pause then press Left, Up, L, L.
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    Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress

    Beyblades Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Beyblade. Black Left Spinning Flame Saggitario: Complete Story mode, then purchase at the shop. Gold Rock Leone: Complete Story mode and continue until you reach Crystal Leol. Gold Storm Pegasus: Complete Story mode...
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    Beyblade: Ultimate Blader Jam Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    All Beyblades Enter B, L, R, DOWN at the Start screen. All Collectibles To get all collectibles, enter the following combo on the start screen: L button, R button, R button, L button, B button. All Levels To open all levels,enter the following combo on the start screen: Right, Down, R...
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    Beyblade G-Revolution Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Activate Engine Gear Press A + B. Combos Press Up, Down, A when you crash with the other Blade for a hard combo. Press Right, Left, A when you crash with the other Blade for a medium combo. Do More Damage When Using Bit Beast When you use your Bit Beast and it hits the other Beyblade...
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    Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Avoid Damage Press Up + B to avoid an attack.This works only if your stats are higher.
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    Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    More damage Rapidly tap A + Up to have your attack do more damage. More dodging To dodge more, your Beyblade must have stats that are higher than your opponent's Beyblade or you can press B + Up repeatedly. Raise attack bar faster While in battle, press A + B for your attacks.
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