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    Best beginning shmup

    I'm currently new the genre, and I have 3 choices. Ikaruga, Giga Wing 2, and Mars Matrix. I know nothing about any of the games so I need some advice from some trigger happy gamers out there ^_^. Thanks in advanced.
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    Legend of Spyro, The - A New Beginning (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Access All Minigames MadCatz 22D95F52B2E5 Top Access Level Test MadCatz 64F35938528D 45C9A66D04A8 Press Select+R on Main Menu. Top...
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    Populous: The Beginning

    Cheats Hit the TAB and F11 keys together to enter text entry mode: Type in "byrne" - this activates cheat mode. during the game hitting TAB and F3 gives all spells. TAB and F4 gives all buildings...
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    Adventure Island: The Beginning

    Master Higgins feats Complete the indicated task to unlock the indicated feat and an associated clothing item for Master Higgins. Action Star: Beat 10 different stages without taking any damage. Adventure Island Hero: Beat the final boss. Adventure Island Pro: Beat the special stage...
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