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    Music Frame: Music, beautifully framed

    Music Frame: Music, beautifully framed View:
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    Moonglow Bay – Launch Trailer

    Moonglow Bay – Launch Trailer
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    Most Beautiful Games On Dreamcast

    Quite simply I'm asking you all which Dreamcast game is the best looking. Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder and each person will have a different point of view. I accept that it's very subjective but am interested in all perspectives. Mine would be: Rez - There must have been a...
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    Isn't this beautiful to see in 2014? End of video & comments

    Newest P.S."HD" (ED, actually) DC Trailer. "Seeing that Dreamcast logo among all the current-gen consoles makes my heart pounding. Truely the only console in history with such resistance ! :) REALLY hope the sales will be great, so that other indie...
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    Deadlight: The end of the world looks beautiful

    We dissect the promising XBLA title. There's one key trick up Deadlight's tattered sleeve: this apocalyptic 2D platformer doesn't look like a 2D game, and it certainly doesn't skimp on the realism. Most 2D games, wary of their dissimilarity to real and slightly more protruding life, play up the...
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