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    Happy bday, Dreamcast! Get Fire Pro Wresting English Now!

    14 years ago, the console came out that ignited a fandom in all of us that still burns today. In the interest of keeping that love alive, ReviveDC Project has been working to bring you some of the highest quality rips available. If you've followed us, you know that we marked our 50th and 100th...
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    Heay all this is a bday wish i need help with moding a 1001

    its a psp phat 1001 i am trying to mod it for his birthday i don't have a Pandora battery, or a MMS. It has 6.00 OFW so my question is can i do it w/o the Pandora and MMS? if i cant how much is it going to run me to mod it. (as a side note it also needs a new switch (like the metal part on the...
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