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    iPhone 15 Plus Battery | One More

    iPhone 15 Plus Battery | One More View:
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    Samsung Galaxy: The Next Big Thing Is You

    Samsung Galaxy: The Next Big Thing Is You
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    2032 battery

    Does anyone know where I can find a 2032 rechargable for my DC? I can only find dr2032 batteries and uncle google says are unsuitable
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    Is it normal for the CMOS battery to be bent on the MOBO?

    Inside my rev 0 dreamcast I bought back like like 08, the battery sits on an angle where the controller port is, and other dreamcasts didn't have this issue, the batteries were up straight. This is what I am talking about: Access Denied That's the picture of the inside of my dreamcast, if you...
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    what battery do I have?

    I have a psp1000 with the original/standard battery: 3.6V 1800mAh Battery pack Model-110 Li-ion Made in China (if that is important) So I'm trying yo make it to a Pandoras battery but when I open up the batter to look at the motherboard to just expect to cut a leg then it's done. The battery...
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    Battery Problem

    Hi there! So i have a psp 1004 (phat one) with the 5.00 M33 firware installed. Yesterday i was playing an iso, I had to pause the game and suddently the psp hung up without me touching it. I was playing with a 3600 mAh battery at that time and it was almost fully charged. Now when i try to...
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    PSP 2001 Slim - Battery Issue

    I'm trying to go through other threads regarding having a battery issue, and some of what I read sounds like the problem I'm having, but everything else sounds somewhat convoluted to me... I recently recieved a PSP Slim 2001 running Prome 5.03 and without warning (while plugged up via USB), it...
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    Am i able to hack my phat psp without a pandora battery?

    I want to hack my psp phat 1004 with OFW 5.51 Is it possible to hack my psp without the requirement of a pandora battery? Like upgrade to 6.20 and install 6.20 TN-A Hen or is this not possible? I hate to ask but i can't find any relevant information on the internet Thanx in advance
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    Battery indicator in XMB keeps disappearing and appearing

    PSP-1000 (Japanese) running OFW 6.37 Every now and again, the battery indicator keeps disappearing and then reappearing a second later. This happens continually until I shutdown and restart (complete shutdown - sending it to sleep and bringing it back does not work). There have been a couple of...
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    buying a pandora battery - help

    is there anywhere else besides dealextreme to buy a pandora battery for the PSP-1000? I know dealextreme sells them cheap but I don't feel like waiting a month. I'm looking for a place that sells them with fast shipping (without the MMS) does anyone know of a legit site that may sell them with...
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    PSP recharging battery

    Hi all, My PSP has run out of battery and I have lost my power adapter. I have plugged it in into my computer via USB cable and it still wont charge and I dont see any lights. I haven't used it in a while and so I dont remember if I have the USB charging option enabled. I assume it is not since...
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    Can i softmode a fake psp battery

    Can i softmode a fake psp battery to convert to a pandora battery I want to unbrick my psp 1001
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    battery shorting

    i have a 2nd generation psp with the ta 0883v motherboard and running pro b 6.39 for some reason it has broken two batteries they both dont work anymore and one was new is this a known problem in either my psp or the firmware any help would be good
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    PSP Battery Service Tool Or PSP MAX Power TOOL SLIM?

    so i was wondering which product i should buy. The PSP Battery Service Tool Or PSP MAX Power TOOL SLIM? I have the God of War Bundle pack so its a psp 2001 (which i think is slim?) i was at a forum (lost the page/bookmark) the admin told me he bought the PSP Battery Service Tool and said i...
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    where can I get a battery?

    just a plain, slim battery. don't say eBay. my friend bought me one off eBay, and it worked for ten minutes.
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    Tool battery wont charge

    I bought a Tool battery a few weeks ago and it charged and worked fine, a friend wanted to use it for his PSP but it wont charge, i power up the psp then insert the battery but it stays on 0% and the charge indicator just flashes but never charges up, is it now a dud?
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    1001b Battery

    My battery won't hold a charge for more than a few minutes anymore. I have not found a store that carries new ones. I know eBay is an option, but knowing that they can eventually wear out, I don't want to get another one that I will end up needing a replacement for soon again. Recommendations?
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    PSP with battery taken out

    Hi, Is it safe for my psp to run directly on AC with the bactery removed for a long period of time? Will it hurt my psp unit such like overheating and so on?
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    Hybrid 2-in-1 Unbricker Service + Reg. Battery Questions

    I'm very interested about this product "Hybrid 2-in-1 Unbricker Service + Reg. Battery" which can be found here However, I have a few questions I hope that someone could answer for me before I buy it. 1. If it works on PSP phat, how will if fit on a...
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    Datel tool battery

    I have a slim black 2001 model psp. it has OFM ver 4.05 firmware, and know the only way to downgrade it is with pandoras battery. i dont have a psp with CFM though, so i remembered hearing that a Datel tool battery was like a "premade Pandora" the one i want to buy is a PSP MAX power tool, from...
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