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    Says Im banned from the server

    i installed the pc version of pso and used my registered info that i registered on Sylverant When i login it says im banned. :cry:
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    Banned Xbox One Accounts Will Not Lose Access to Purchased Games

    Director of Programming Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) has confirmed that banned Xbox One accounts will not lose access to purchased games, despite previous comments by Xbox support. An Xbox Support Twitter answer from June 13 reads, ”If your account is banned, you also forfeit the licenses to any...
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    Xbox 360 could be banned in the States!

    Following up on a previous ruling, which deemed Microsoft in violation of Motorola WiFi and video codec patents, judge David Shaw has recommended against the continued sale of the Xbox 360 in the United States, according to MCV. Should Microsoft be deemed in infringement of existing patents...
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