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    Regarding Recent Varlamore Leaks Over the past few days we’ve noticed a number of videos and screenshots purporting to show sneak peeks or previews of upcoming Varlamore gameplay. This isn’t true (mostly). Part of our playtesting efforts...
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    Xbox 360 ban: Microsoft rejects Motorola settlement

    Costly case is taken to the brink as negotiations fail. Microsoft has turned down a settlement offer by Motorola Mobility that would have brought an end to an extraordinarily expensive patent dispute which could ultimately outlaw sales of some Xbox consoles in the US. Click here to read the...
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    Breakthrough as Australia ends ban on R18 games

    New legislation will align videogame classifications with film and TV. After an exhaustive ten-year political struggle, Australia has passed a new bill that brings an end to its controversial ban on 18-rated video games. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Counter-Strike...
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