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    burning cdi backups on linux

    Hello Have anyone burnt cdi backup images(successfully) under linux? I tried this method: Tutorial: How to create and/or burn a Dreamcast disc in 5 minutes But failed. Everything seemed to work fine. Or at least i thought so. But what came out of my drive tray is completely useless. On dc it...
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    dreamcast cant read GD-ROM but CD-R backups work fine, EDIT

    this is a really strange problem finally found my old GD-ROMS and tried them today and ALL of them wouldnt work but if i throw any cdr backup in there it works 100% of the time any idea whats going on here?
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    does dreamcast gdrom determines cdr backups?

    going to replace my gd rom drive and am curious if it is the drive that disallows cdr backups or if it is the console itself basically wondering if swapping out the drive will allow me to still play cdr games -chaseincats
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    What boot disc forces VGA for backups.

    I'm sure its been talked about over and over again but I cant find it. Is there a boot disc that forces non vga games to vga? I'm talking about backups not original games. Is DCHakker what I'm looking for? Thanks friends.
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    Play ISO backups from PC HDD on PSP

    Alright, I've been searching around on how to play ISO backups stored on my PC HDD and play them on my PSP, but I didn't manage to figure out how. I have PMPlayer Advance 3.1.4 which allows you to do so, but I can't figure how to get it to work. If anyone knows how or knows another method, it...
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