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    My LCD screen doesn't have backlight

    Like, the screen is really really black but if I hold it up against the light, i can see things. Fix or suggestions? Is there any possible way at all i can see things? Even if it means seeing it on the computer?
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    PSP Backlight Motherboard Interface Attatchment.

    I was wondering if someone could offer help in fixing a psp I bought from a friend. While replacing the lcd he somehow pulled off the plastic component on the motherboard that the backlight attaches to. I ordered another component but I'm stuck on how to solder it to the motherboard. Any attempt...
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    backlight connector

    i need some help. the backlight connector on my slim broke off. can i just solder the cable to the board? or what?
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    Busted LCD Backlight Clip

    A few minutes ago while attempting to finish up moving my PSP1000 into a new shell I managed to snap the top of the LCD backlight clip off. Not the entire clip, mind, but the top. I've tried finding various ways of holding the cable onto the pins, but no luck so far. My screen does still work...
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