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    upgrade from 6.20pro b5 to 6.20pro b6

    should i do it? and if answer is yes,what is the procedure to uninstall 6.20pro b5 from my device??
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    will 6.20 pro b6 work on psp 3000

    Hey i have psp 3000 6.20 will 6.20 pro b6 work without bricking my psp later. anyway i found this here http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/2079
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    Silent Hill Origins Freeze on 6.20 Pro B6

    So, I decided to play Silent Hill Origins on my PSP using CFW 6.20 Pro B6. I managed to solve the first few puzzles and managed to leave the hospital. Everything was working flawlessly until I found the Butcher store and entered it. I saved my game, saw the cutscene with the butcher and followed...
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    Updated to 6.39 B6 now I cant play any games

    I'm lost, I updated my psp 1001 to 6.39 B6 and everything worked but now every time I try put a psp game(iso) into its usual folder my psp doesn't see it. every once in a while it will just show me a corrupted folder but nothing else.. I have all my pops off and everything looks to be set up...
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    Is there a compatability chart for CFW 6.39 PRO B6 ?

    My main reason for asking, Is because I want to get a hold of some apps for my PSP and everything I download is either not compatible or a trojan. My main wants for programs. Play on PC monitor USB Iso Loader Anybody?
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