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    yugiho tag force 4 EU not working 6.35 PRO B5

    hey yugiho tag force 4 won't work on my psp....... i'm running 6.35 PRO B5... tried every drive mode
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    How to Hack PSP 3004 ofw 6.10 to CFW 6.35 pro B5

    Hi, I am a newbie and just bought a psp and it is 3004 ofw 6.10, I want to hack my psp to cfw 6.35 pro b5, to play iso and cso games. Please give me step by step instructions to hack my PSP. Thanks for your Support.
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    psp1000 or FAT pro b5 psx error

    Hey i just upgraded of pro b4 to pro b5 and now im having problems playing my psx on it. is anyone else having this problem? Can anyone HELP?
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    PRO B5 mortal kombat trilogy no music blackscreen

    ok, so im runing PRO B5 on my pspFAT, and im having trouble playing mortal kombat trilogy on it, i tryed playing other PSX on it and they run fine,but not MKT, i try downloading different file types of the game, so called PSX2PSP converted properly and it still dosent work. Can anyone help me...
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    question about 6.20 pro B5 and multidisk eboot

    hi there, I'm sorry if this is a repeat thread but ive looked almost everywere and i can't find a stright answer some people say its fine and others say that it dont work. im strugling to get disk 2,3,4 on final fantasy 8 eboot version working on my psp go on perm 6.20 B5 (updated). can anyone...
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    upgrade from 6.20pro b5 to 6.20pro b6

    should i do it? and if answer is yes,what is the procedure to uninstall 6.20pro b5 from my device??
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