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    6.60 pro b-9 Pandora question

    If for some reason all goes tits up at a later date, can I still use a pandora to revert back to an earlier OFW from 6.60 pro b-9 on a fat 1006 Can I create one whilst on 6.60 pro b-9. If so what program do I use ? I had a program to create one when I was on 5.50 prom 4. Can I still use that or...
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    PSP Freezing after upgrading to 6.60 Pro B-9

    So I upgraded from 5.50 Gen D3 to 6.60 Pro B-9 and it all seemed to go rather well. All of my games and homebrew still work, but I cannot click on anything under the settings tab without the PSP freezing and needing a reboot. This also means that I cannot connect my psp to my PC as the USB...
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    Internet not working after updating CFW 6.20 PRO B-9

    After updating my PSP from firmware OFW 6.20 to CFW 6.20 PRO-B9, all of a sudden my internet stopped working on my psp. It says I can access to an access point but then says a connection error has occured. I tried restarting my router and making sure my W-LAN was on. So I configured all my...
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