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    av cable, were can i buy it?

    would you specify were can i buy a COMPOSITE av cable? my sister is going to hempstead NY and i will ask her to buy it for me because i can't find those here at Guatemala. Can you specify a store besides EB games and Gamestop were she can buy this cable? Or, at least, tell me were can i ask this...
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    AV Cable Not functioning?

    So I bought a standard AV cable for my PSP 2001 series. Now, when I tried it, I connected my PSP to my TV via color coding (red and white for the audio, and then the yellow for the video output). Now what happens is that in my tv, the screen stays black. The sounds work fine when I scroll in my...
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    diy psp go av cable hack?

    sorry if this was posted any where. i couldnt find it. i have an extra go usb cable and tons of misc av cables i wanted to know if its possible to hack them to gether to create a working av cable for the go?
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    Help!!help!! W/ av cable

    Why are my games in psp iso format cannot be played in a video output using av cable... when i play it says "it must be in progressive format" but it is in prosgresive format but cant play.. ican play music or videos thru my tv but games cannot.. why??? my psp 2006 5.00cfw
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    AV Poker: World Gambler Cheat Codes (for Turbografx)

    Cheat Mode Press Up, Down, I, II, Left, Right, Select, Run at the title screen.
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