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    Atomic Punk GameShark Codes

    1. 01EAEFC0 Infinite Time
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    Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank

    Widescreen glitchIf you play the game in widescreen 1080i, switch your console settings to 480 normal. The game gets dramatically easier. You will see less enemies on screen and the bosses will only fire half the amount of shots (in most cases).
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    Atomic Punk

    Extra Money Obtain a password for Game A, then change the first letter to X. Level 50 Password: B0MNDPBL3NCB3L2H2DJJ Move Through Walls Obtain a password for game B, then change the second to last letter to any other character. This will only last for your first life.
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    Atomic Robo-Kid

    1 AJWT-AA70 Infinite lives 2 A5NT-AAHC Shields cost 6 crystals 3 AMNT-AAHC Shields cost 2 crystals 4 AHNT-AAHC Shields granted for each crystal 5 BCRA-ARBN Shields last 30 seconds 6 98RA-B93N Shields last until next level 7...
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    Atomic Betty Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    X-5, X-5, Red Robot, Minimus Level 10 X-5, Maximus, Maximus, Gray Robot Level 11 Minimus, Sparky, Betty, Maximus Level 12...
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