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    Black USA Sega Dreamcast with extras for $ale. I sold ASCII

    Sega Dreamcast Sport Black Console NTSC with cords vmu controller games | eBay * NOTE : I SOLD ASCII PAD BELOW LAST WEEK, NOT A PART OF ABOVE AUCTION. The box (even has 99% of the shrink wrap on it still) and the pad is mint. I still have the box for it and everything, I only used it 20...
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    Price for Dreamcast ASCII stick?

    When I got my Dreamcast in an auction online, it came with two "ASCII Stick FT Special Capcom Version" arcade sticks. One came in the box too, along with some cards showing how to perform some Street Fighter moves. I thought it was a neat extra, but didn't think much more of it at the time...
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    ASCII Mission Stick & Starlancer

    Has anyone tried using it together? I was thinking about buying one.
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    ASCII MissionStick

    I finally tracked one down. Now I know it was intended primarily for Aero Dancing. But I have found it is customizable enough to be fun with things like Charge N' Blast. Is there anyone with more feedback on what works great with it? There is little besides product shots online. And most never...
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