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    Surprise! A Dreamcast article on Joystiq!

    GunLord now available for Dreamcast Its on NG's new DC project!
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    Requiem For A Dream (EDGE magazine DC article

    I decided to upload this article from the Christmas 2001 edition of EDGE Magazine (from the UK). Written about 9 months after the Dreamcast 'officially' ended, it raised some interesting points particularly whether the console would have faired better in a head-to-head launch with the PS2...
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    Dreamcast mentioned in joystiq article

    Quake Arena Arcade now on XBLA for $15, Quake Live introduces 'Premium Pak 5' So very true, haha.
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    Nice article

    Consoles that won't die: The Sega Dreamcast | GamesBeat Enjoy!
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    Article: Did retailers conspire against the Dreamcast?

    I came across this article in the January 2001 edition of DC-UK. It set out to investigate if UK retailers were conspiring against the Dreamcast in favour of Playstation. Not the best written article (particularly for a newspaper journo) as they only surveyed shops in one town but worth a look...
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    **Updated**Looking for MSR article from UK DC Mag

    Here's a picture of the mag in question (from a recent EBAY auction): It was an unofficial mag from Paragon Publishing. Basically I'm looking for a tiny article displaying the best MSR laptimes from one of the programmers. I believe it's this magazine or maybe issue 17. If anyone who owns...
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